Tea of The Week

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Week Of

April 30

Victoria & Albert

The perfect marriage of sweet oranges and tart raspberries scent this regal black tea blend.

May 7

Countess Grey

The Countess has tweaked the Earl’s tea to her own liking, adding orange and spice – a tea time favorite.

May 14

Royal Wedding

The familiar flavors of apple and hazelnut are married with exotic jasmine and regal rose.  This black tea and Rooibos blend will put a sparkle on the crown of any wedding celebration.

May 21

Princess Catherine

Blended to commemorate the Royal Wedding in 2011, this blend of black tea, blueberry and pomegranate is both royal and trendy.  Just like the couple it was created to honor.

May 28

Earl Grey

For the Earl needing to keep caffeine at bay.